Frequently asked questions about budget air travel

Q I’ve heard the budget airlines are cramped and uncomfortable. Is it true? What’s the in-flight experience like?

A Short answer: You get what you pay for. But some airlines are more comfortable than others. To learn more, read about in-flight comfort on low-cost airlines.

Q These budget airlines seem to go out of business an awful lot. What if I buy a ticket any my airline disappears before I can fly?

A It's true, they do. Make sure you pay with a credit card that provides protection against this sort of thing. The longer an airline has been around, the longer it's likely to continue — the newest airlines are often more aggressive on fares but they are gambling that they will be able to build up enough passengers before they run out of money. Our airline listings will tell you what year an airline was founded - just click on an airline’s name wherever it appears on this site for details. Also check out our budget airline graveyard for a list of airlines that are flying no more.